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Ask! Dont Stray!

Kód: KM1181823
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Ask! Dont Stray! (Kol.)

Questioning is the key to knowledge and people’s hearts, however sometimes it’s so hard to find a right and proper question, particularly for English learners.Want to ask questions in English out of a hat?No more doubts and hesitation how to start?The game ASK don’t STRAY is a great play with asking and answering in a race for a prize!Your aim: picking up a collection of your characters.The game for friends, family or studentsItems: 60 cards with characters and activities,20 cards with the categories in which we ask questions,10 large cards, instructions
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Úplný název: Ask! Dont Stray! (kol.):
Vydavatel: Regipio
Počet stran: 0
Jazyk: angličtina
Rok: 2017

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